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ShockBox Company History

Richard Kennedy Shockbox Founder

I started my Cardiac Device Career with Intermedics Pacemakers in 1991. It was during my initial training in Angleton Texas that a wise educator stated these words - "you will only recognize what you know.” At the time I didn’t realize how important this phrase would eventually prove to be. I spent my entire implanting career serving the patients and hospitals located in the Midwest. Fourteen of those years were spent with the wonderful people of Cleveland, Ohio. This is where Shockbox was born.

Over the years I was fortunate to witness the good and not so good of the medical industry. I enjoyed very much working with physicians and I especially enjoyed helping people. I prayed to God often to help me find a way that I could do good for people with the knowledge he gave me. I witnessed opportunities that started to sculpt my thinking that would eventually help me to develop Shockbox. I thought what if I could develop a business that would help reduce healthcare cost, maintain respect to Physician Choice, and be an integral partner to Supply Chain Leaders while preserving fairness to each and every vendor.

I’m trying every day, client by client, to honor this goal. I am able to recognize opportunity for hospital systems because of my knowledge attained after a blessed 25 year career. It is my goal to continue helping patients while assisting Hospital Systems deliver quality care at an affordable price.

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