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Current Supply Chain Dynamics


Current Supply Chain Dynamics

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Hospital Challenges

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Healthcare providers continue to be challenged with finding ways to focus on lowering cost and improving quality while operating margins dwindle. Hospitals can't get too comfortable with past models and must look for new innovative ways to save. Shockbox offers a new approach to reducing cost in four of the most difficult but highest cost physician preference items in supply chain. Our approach will give your team added leverage and more control over the large manufacturers.

Current Supply Chain Approach

Healthcare supply chain organizations have evolved over the past five years to incorporate key strategies such as; supplier consolidation, product optimization (price bench marking), physician engagement and process automation. Once an organization negotiates their physician preference product pricing, there are often shifts in product utilization and technology where the reported savings are not realized. Additionally, the price benchmarking tools do not give an accurate indication of the true margin improvement opportunity.

When you look at the supply chain strategies listed above there are still vulnerabilities such as identifying the true market costs and technology product alignment for physician preference items.

Managing Margin is more critical than ever before

CMS Bundle Payment - Hospitals are now being challenged to manage margins more than ever due to CMS Bundle Payment in Cardiac and Orthopedic.  It is critical that hospitals are able to maximize substantial margin that lies within the bundle payment procedures.  Shockbox is seeing on average hospitals leaving 15% to 45% savings on the table.  It is here where Shockbox can make a difference.
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