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Shockbox Consulting's sole purpose is to empower hospital administrators.

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Let the SHockbox Team
assist Your supply chain to achieve substantial savings.

The goal of Shockbox is to be the most effective resource available to healthcare supply chain when reducing cost.

The Shockbox team is able to assist hospital supply chain more effectively for three reasons:

  1. Knowledge of Product - We were all industry implanting reps with years of operating room experience and product knowledge.

  2. Knowledge of Manufacturing - We know how the products are made and most importantly the cost associated to manufacture them.  This is key when determining margin and knowing what the market will bear.

  3. Knowledge of the Boardroom - We know the strategies of the companies, but most importantly, we understand how to get the vendors to work with supply chain so that each other's goals are achieved and aligned.

It is our intellectual knowledge, process, and experience that allows Shockbox Advisors to offer hospitals a true partner that will work At Risk to reduce cost.  It is not necessary to budget for our services as we are paid out of savings.

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