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Shockbox Advisors is a specialty group that focuses on reducing hospital cost for Cardiac Pacemaker, Cardiac Defibrillator, Orthopedic Spine, and Neuro-Stimulators. Regarding these specialties our services include (but are not limited to): Current Contract Assessment, Pricing Strategy and Optimization, Proven Comprehensive Contract Re-negotiation & Implementation Process, and Quarterly Data Analysis & New Product Management.

  • Based on volume, size of system, and current price points, Shockbox will provide a savings range of opportunity.
  • ShockBox will collaborate with Hospital systems and Consortiums to negotiate substantially stronger contracts with a proven step-by-step process.
  • ShockBox will assist the hospital to implement the ShockBox proven process to attain savings.
  • Shockbox meets quarterly with clients to deliver data and show the progression of the savings.
  • Shockbox provides assistance to minimize up-charges on new technology.
  • Shockbox can outline to hospitals that are interested a pathway to implant independence. "A rep-less model." 
  • All of our services are provided an AT RISK CONTRACT. Hospital Systems and Consortiums do not budget for our services. We are paid out of the savings achieved!

The ShockBox Consulting team has over 100 years of collective experience in Cardiac Rhythm Management, data analysis, and business management. Our experience and expertise is focused on helping you better manage your cardiac device program and reduce spending.

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